Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

I just got back from a trip to Perak with family. The plan was to spend the weekend at Pulau Pangkor cause Pa thought my bro hasn’t really gone out this school holiday.

So, off we went in two cars to Lumut. Left Subang at about 6 in the morning. We took things slowly; drove slowly, stopped at the Rawang stop for breakfast, then walked around the Lumut Waterfront, then only we got up the ferry to Pangkor. It was about noon that time. Oh, the crowd at the jetty won’t queue and be patient, kept pushing their way to get a place for the next ferry. kns. Hated that part of the trip.

#1. Lumut Waterfront

#2. Ferry

#3. Sea sick??
#4. This kept me from sea sick

#5. This kept Fei from sea sick

#6. Annoyed sis at hotel lobby

#7. Damn excited, like never sit boat before

#8. Expensive side of Pangkor

#9. Some rock that apparently looks like a turtle nearby Turtle Bay

#10. Monkey Bay

#11. Fish feeding

#12. Pa telling stories *yawns* at Coral Bay

#13. Xinyi, Fei and Mom

#14. Fei and I

#15. Fei doing her thing
#16. Xinyi doing hers

The whole point of going on this trip was to relax and give bro a chance to just get away from Subang, so we didn’t do anything extreme. We walked along the beach, went lompat pulau, ate, shopped and played cards at night.

Oh! The card game was damn funny!
We played blackjack and the one who loses 3 accumulated rounds will have to choose truth or dare.
Xinyi’s was the funniest! We made her call my cousin, Ming Nyet and asked him with a very serious tone if she was pretty.

XY: Nyet boy? Eh.. I wanna ask u something and you have to answer me honestly.
Nyet: Yea, whats that??
XY: Am I pretty? *trying very hard to not laugh*
Nyet: Huh? *blur*
XY: Am I pretty?
Nyet: Honestly?
XY: Yea..
Nyet: Err… Okay lah.. Average…?
XY: Above average or below average?
Nyet: Above average.
XY: You’re not saying that just because I’m your cousin right?
Nyet: Oh no, definitely not.
XY: Okay… Thanks then. Bye.

HAHA!! My mom, Fei, bro and I laughed until we almost pee!! (Actually Fei really peed a little) Funniest part was, my cousin called me right after that!! We actually planned to not tell him until today but he was so serious with everything, he actually thought XY was some suicidal case so we told him everything in the end. XD
The next day we woke up around 6.45am just to go for the breakfast buffet at the hotel which starts at 7. Damn kiasu. Haha. After that went to the beach again.
#17. Morning sun is good lah, Fei!
#18. The bising sisters
#19. Got wild hornbills there!!! (Random, I know)
Checked out at about 9am then went to Ipoh to visit some relatives and makan-makan. Everything in Ipoh is damn cheap!! One bowl of noodle RM3.30 only!!

#21. SEE!!! DAMN CHEAP!!!
Finally, at about 4 just now we headed back. All in all, quite fun lahh, but damn tired.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Big Day of the Beloved(s)

Stay short, cute, fussy, and full-of-nonsense auntie!!! I'll keep in short here since I sms-ed you already..

May you be blessed with happiness and craziness always!

Also, today happened to be the birthday of someone who used to be very close to me. My dear grandma pass away peacefully last February, just a few days before Chinese New Year. I put her picture as my phone's wall paper last night and when mom saw it, she claimed that it was rather disturbing. I felt strange that she's her own daughter, yet she's a bit afraid of my grandma cause she's no longer around. Its such a pity that they chose to not think about her when I'm constantly reminding myself the things grandma usually does, the things she'll say, how she used to tell me stories from the past, etc. I'm just scared that memories of her will fade away until I could no longer recall how she looks like. Anyway, where ever she is right now, I do hope she's happy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home At Last!

No, not me. I’ve always been around Subang. Okay fine, PJ maybe.

Its my BFFs! They’re back! Well actually, only Heng Li is officially home, my neighbour again but Jess is going to back in the evening also!

I’m really excited because I finally got kaki’s to lepak with and more importantly its them!!

The three of us been good friends since form6. Though dear loi, the chun nerd, is from the Bio Chem class, we always hang out together. Heng’s my classmate who disturbs me all the time during Maths so that’s how we got closer. =)

The main reason that brings us together, so closely, is because Loi and I think very super alike. We always say we have that bridge in between us. And Heng, he’s super nice to us. He gives us free massages, helps us order our food, gets the ketchup and sauces for us in McD’s, drives us around, shops with us and gossips WITH us. Oh, he let me pinch him also (I think he secretly enjoys the special treatment from me). =) Anyway, we used to spend every alternate nights together during the holiday after STPM.

But, someone up there decided to split the three of us up.

Jessica got Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Heng Li got Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan and I got Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Blardy hell, one up north, one far east and me, still here!!!

But we actually got our first choice so I guess I shouldn’t continue complaining. And don’t ask my why I put UM as my first choice when I didn’t want to go there.

Anyway, its so good that the three of us are gonna reunite in a few more hours!! About 8 hours, to be exact. I can’t wait!

Loi's 19th birthday



Oh yo, I just realised all three of us put on weight already.. But what ever, that means we're all happy! *smiles*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sixth Form

My dear sister, Xin Fei is on a 3days 2nights trip to Port Dickson with her form6 bunch.

My sis, Fei is on a trip with her FRIENDS, away from home!

For those of you who don’t know my sis must be thinking, wth, no big deal.

BUT this sister of mine used to always ALWAYS stay at home because she’ll miss my mom if she doesn’t see her for one whole day.

Look what form6 has done to her now! *smiles*

My form6 days were very very extremely fun too!

The bunch of people I used to hang out with are….silly! =)

Funny how we used to hang out at Taman Herba in spite of the mosquito population there, how we used to make compost out of waste, how we made fun of Karine everyday, how we enjoyed lame boring outings together, how we first clubbed together, how we bashed everyone on their birthdays, how we witnessed some of us getting together and breaking up…

Ah…good ol’ days…

I did mention they are silly right? =)

we even went FRIM together


Oh, reason why pics all usually girls one. Not that I’m sexist but the male population in form6 is countable with fingers.

So right, my mom was so wrong when she told me we usually meet our special someone, the other half, what ever, in form 6 or university. Either my mom was giving me false hopes or she wants me to turn into a lesbian.

I miss form6 so much suddenly!!

Updates and Promos

Semester break so far has been boring, un-happening, nothing-to-do, no fun and oh, did I mention boring?
Anyway, went and celebrate Mom and XinFei's birthday at the Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant in KL on Sunday(16th). Had high tea buffet cause Fei likes desserts, actually she only eats desserts and pastries. Nothing special happened but it was quite fun as its been quite sometime since we last had a family outing like this.
Then on Monday (17th), went Mid Valley with the Uni bunch for a movie and lunch. I went back to the college with Mandy and Elensha after that and we had chats as usual. I realised I'm quite an evil person. Evil in the sense that I can't care or pity someone like Elen and if I dislike someone from their first impression, sorry to say I won't bother talking or even layan them. I think its a weakness as many think I'm snobbish because of that but the fact is I'm not! I'm such a nice friend! I can even tolerate someone like Audrey!
And on Friday (21st), went Summit with my brother to catch a movie, Igor. The movie was okay only but I got out of the house at least.
Okays, thats about it. Told you my sem break's been boring.. -.-
Below are some pictures from the family outing..

The view from above

The Choong Family

Xinyi and Inn Yeow

Fei, trying to show how delicious the food was..

My sisters, making sure their entrance fee is worth the money

p.s: I was just trying to make a point there about Audrey. She's actually damn nice and adorable. Taken, sorry!
p.p.s.: I got another friend available, Jessica LOI.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November Babies

Happy Birthday Mom and Xin Fei!!!

Yup, my mom and younger sister both celebrate their birthdays on the same day, which is today! I don’t think I wanna do the wishes here cause both of them won’t read this anyway. So let me tell a bit of their stories. I’ll start with my mom.
Back when I was a kid, even when I was a young teenager, I don’t really share my stuffs with her. She doesn’t know much on my school life; how involved I was in basketball, who was I having a crush on, who were my close friends, etc. I was considered the rebellious one among my siblings so I sort of kept a distance with my parents. However, in the recent years, my mom was becoming more of a sister to me. She now stays up to have chats with me and Xin Fei on what was going on or most of the time, our complaints. So yea, we’re bonding.

My little baby sister, Xin Fei has been really close to me since we were kids. I know, sisters are obviously close but Fei and I share this really special bond. We talk about things we won’t tell others even just a bit and more importantly, we understand each other very well. And to me, she’s always a baby cause she’s really dependent and she won’t complain even if someone takes advantage on her. There were times I had to stand up for her when someone messes with her. So yeah, she’s the nice, soft one and I’m the bossy, mean sister. =)

My Baby Sister

Her favourite SS pic with me

My favourite SS pic with her

Pa and Meee

Mom and I

p.s: everyone say i look a lot like my mom, as in the DAMN DAMN SUPER alike. got meh?

p.p.s: my sis damn chun hor? still single and available! =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reasons to Smile

Finally get to online! Actually nothing much to update cause my holidays been really dull. I went out for yumcha sessions but only twice so far. The first was with Danny and his hing tai’s and the other one was with Chin Wei, Karine, that bunch.

Both were pretty fun and got some updates on everyone. Oh, not forgetting gossips. Hehe. Found out about the latest sex scandal in SMK USJ 13, involving two Form3 students. Goodness. Kids these days seem to be growing pretty fast. Some of my friends of the same age haven’t even gotten their period back in Form3 but kids now are doing blow jobs for their boyfriends at that age already. And oh, the guys won’t stop talking about sex the whole night! Porn, masturbating, ways to do it-right hand left hand, who’s doing it, almost everything related to sex were discussed that night. Very informative to hear from a bunch of guys who were being real honest and who clearly didn’t bother the fact that I am a girl. Pfft.

I went back university yesterday. For the fun of it and to get away from the boredom of staying at home. Took a bus to Mid Valley and Belle picked me up from there. Then we ta-paued some Char Siew rice and Roast Duck rice back for Louise and her room mate, Miko. For some reasons the meat taste better in hostel. =) Anyways, we did some nonsense as usual-played Chor Tai Di, make up for each other and played basketball a while.

Basically those are the FUN activities I did during the sem break so far. Very saddening-kan. But but, I’m going karaoke with Aunt Lowell and her family with my family at The Gardens tomorrow and high tea buffet with family on Sunday to celebrate mom and Xin Fei’s birthday! Then, on Monday going karaoke with the university 'monkeys'!!

Did I mention my BFFs are gonna be back next weekend? =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I want to know whats wrong with me. I want to know why do I feel so troubled when finals are over and I’m having my semester break. I want to know why people will just give up on a friendship because of what others say. I want to know why friends draw lines with their friends. I want to know why I can’t drop that topic. I have so many questions right now and I don’t think there are answers to it actually. And its damn freaking annoying. I need my BFFs. BADLY. Come back quick, darlings.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Litre of Tears

When we complain for having to walk around without a car, She was striving to make her legs strong and walk to classes though she’s so slow, by the time she reaches, the class ended already.
When we complain about having too much assignments, boring lectures, She was fighting to be in the school when other students’ parents said she should go somewhere else, somewhere with students like her.

When we complain about the food, being tasteless, not properly cooked, not hot/cold enough, all She wanted to do was to swallow it, not to get choked by it.

I’m not talking about someone I know in person, in fact she passed away even before I was born but her story was such an eye-opener. It’s a drama now, called ‘One Litre of Tears’. The story of Aya is like this. She’s like any normal 15 year old in Japan, trying very hard to get into a local prestigious high school, and she got in. She even made it into the basketball team and became a regular though she was in her first year. Nothing was different about her except that she falls a lot. At first they thought she was just plain clumsy but her mother, a health consultant and former nurse noticed she was slightly different. When she fell, she didn’t hurt her palms, but she fell right on her chin.

She went for a check up and discovered she had this rare, incurable disease. I forgot whats the scientific name but its got something to do with a particular cell in the brain breaking up for unknown reasons. She will have difficulties in estimating distances and controlling her body, hence won’t be able to talk, walk, eat, or even breathe normally. Her internal organs become very weak, too. If she catches a cold, she might get pneumonia.

So, the drama is about how she coped with life after getting that disease. The drama was very realistic in the sense that not all, in fact many didn’t want to help her despite being really close when she was healthy. Her senior, whom she liked since first grade and got together shortly before she was diagnosed dumped her as he was afraid of the responsibilities. Her good friend complained that it was too tiring to help her carry her wheelchair up the stairs. Her classmates said she was slowing them down in class.

Then again, there was her ever encouraging family, her mother especially, being her pillar of strength, helping her up whenever she fell and telling her she’ll carry her if she can no longer walk. Her doctor, who continuously worked on the researches in spite of negative results all the time. Her best friend since junior high was there to help her copy notes when she couldn’t keep up cause she was having difficulties in writing. And my favourite character, her boyfriend, who was earlier her classmate, who was coping with his brother’s death and told her if she wants to talk, he’ll listen no matter how long it takes for her to utter a syllable, he’ll walk with her no matter how slow the pace is. But she told him she didn’t want to see him anymore in the end as she was getting more ill, even wet her pants in front of him cause she couldn’t make it to the toilet in time.

I cried from the second episode until the last. Though there were only 11 episodes, my eyes were so swollen, it hurts when I blink(I’m not exaggerating, really damn pain!!). It was a really good drama. I was really angry at the one who introduced me this show, for making me cry so badly (the last time I cried like this was when my grandma passed away) but grateful at the same time for reminding me to be thankful to be able to talk and laugh the way I want and not fret over being not pretty or thin enough. That there’s always a bright side in everything.

`At the shades of sadness, it is said to always have a smile quoted from One Litre Of Tears

p/s: Anyone wants to watch can get it from me! I got the DVD! =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

The View Outside My Window

I was dipping my favourite breakfast since I got in uni, Luxury crackers into a cup of Nescafe while looking out the windows in my room. There’s nothing spectacular about it, just a forest(yes, there’s a forest in UM surprisingly). In the evenings you can even see the monkeys playing around and at that time, everyone will be shutting their windows as the monkeys will intrude into the rooms if the windows are opened.

Anyway, I wrote this cause I was remembering the first time when I got into my room, I was disappointed to see the jungle. Afraid, too as you know, a lot of ‘things’ in the jungle one.
I was with my mom that time, who helped me with my luggages. I was really glad she was there with me, not because I would have to carry my awfully heavy suitcase, together with two bags and a pillow to my room which was on the third floor all by myself if she wasn’t but the reminder she and my dad ‘carry’ with them, that I must be happy to get into University of Malaya, though I was dying to go somewhere further as UM is(was) one of the top universities in the country. I remember telling her “I’ll be fine, you can go now” when she asked if I needed anything else before she leaves. Despite the confident, independent look I put up, I was really hoping she would stay with me a little longer. I didn’t turn back when she left.

Then, my roommate came. Her mom was with us the whole time, excited about everything, getting nervous over the smallest things. She was even telling us what to call each other, our nick names so that we’ll remember each other’s names(remembering names was a freaking hard thing in uni cause all Chinese names one). But my roommate’s was an easy one, Siew Peng. She’s Grace, too but I like Siew Peng better, cause she looks more like a Siew Peng than a Grace.

The next five days after that was hell.

It was Orientation. Five days are considered short but hell, Orientation was both mentally torturing and physically tiring at that time. I remember the first two days being the hardest. They were constantly yelling at us, telling us our 4.0 in STPM is nothing in uni(I didn’t even score close to 4.0 but still kena, wtf) so don’t be proud of it and stuffs like that. Our programme book wrote we are supposed to sleep at 11 and wake up at 6 but they let us off earliest at 12 but woke us up at 3 for a fire drill.

Everyday we slept less than 3 hours and we got about 5 minutes to eat and bathe only so nope, the last two days I didn’t bother to bathe anymore. And can only wear the same two shirts throughout Orientation, so nope, no time to wash also.

The worst part, they shut us out from the outside world. We’re not allowed to use our handphones, must off them, cannot even turn on silent mode. I remember reading Jessica and Heng Li’s messages before I go to bed and I feel like crying every time I do so. Jess purposely stayed up one night to call and chat with me and I felt extremely happy after that though I didn’t get to sleep. My parents didn’t call though, as they knew UM’s tradition, orientation=torture new comers.

Despite it all, Orientation is actually one of the fond memories in university so far.

I didn’t have any close friends as they won’t let us talk.

But there were slots for the Chinese Club (when the malays are praying) that I always look forward to as this club gives me a feeling that I’m part of the big family in college. Among the Chinese community, that is. And the seniors came back and told us, bananas not to worry as they will not discriminate us though they speak mandarin during their activities. We even have a Banana Club in the Chinese Club. At that moment, I knew I will join this club’s activities with full commitment. And I made it to becoming the ‘Timbalan Pengarah’ of Pesta Tionghua, an event organized by all the Chinese first years in the college(college is our hostel) in March next year. And I’m very proud of it. =)

Now, the view outside my window, though it hasn’t change a bit in appearance wise, it gives me a totally different feeling. The feeling of being home (room in college is my home in uni), the feeling of being belonged to somewhere, in the university. I wouldn’t have said this, not even think its possible 3 months ago but I’m sure I’m gonna miss uni during the semester break.

Something Siew Peng made to put on our door

My second home

The left is mine, right is Siew Peng's(she got damn a lot of books)

Siew Peng and I

My Chinese Club 'family' CC Trip

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Happy!!

Finals finally over!!
Actually got one more paper tomorrow but its Maths so don't really need to study. Can continue my drama marathon! Hehe. Gonna start on 'One Litre of Tears' after this. =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Buddies and A Sister

Had quite a rough day earlier today. But a buddy, actually two, cheered me up though it was just through sms and msn. Then Xinyi was kind enough to buy me a dress for the coming Majlis Anugerah Kurshiah (MAK). I'm feeling so much better now and will continue my revisions on Titas and Financial Management sooooonnn!!
Oh, I was browsing through Facebook and saw these pictures. I miss those days with them so much!!

Some of my form6 classmates

My Two-Full-of-Nonsense-Best-Friend =)

The not-so-SSed side of them

Me, Karine, Jess and Audrey

With New Best Friend and BFFs!

Sampat Yean

Can't wait for semester break suddenly!! Everyone will be back!! =)