Friday, May 1, 2009

All Girls Night Out

The girls and I went out for dinner at
Pasta Zan Mai, Mid Valley last night. We planned on going clubbing
after that but unfortunately, due to some problems, we ended up with dinner only.

#1. Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley

And, the pretty single ladies are…

#2. Candidate No. 1
Elensha Foong Ern Hang
She seeks for guys with great inner and outer beauty, just like herself! =)

#3. Candidate No. 2

Leong Hung Tong
She only wants guys that resembles Edward Cullen or DBSK, very realistic... XD

#4. Candidate No.3

Law Choon Roei
Prefers someone who's tall, dark and handsome. Speaks Mandrin, too!

#5. Candidate No. 4
Kong Po Lian
Would want someone nice and takes
studies seriously.

#6. Candidate No.5

Louise Lai
She's still available when in KL, would want someone
who doesn't mind getting bullied by her

#7. Yours truly
Hahaha.. Not going to promote myself here. I shy lahh... XD

Okay, fine. I made up all the requirements myself lah..
Most are not true, I believe but some might be accurate,
from what I learn from them. Hehe.

Oh, there’s one more. But she’s no longer available.

#8. Mandy Au

She’s the one of the lucky girls in college, in fact I can say she’s the luckiest cause she’s attached to one of the good-looking *ahem* seniors in college. And he has a car too!!!

Random pictures ahead…

#9. Heavy traffic on Federal Highway
#10. CC Queen and I

#11. Elen & Jess Cullen

#12. Room mates digging into good food

#13. My Unagi Rice Set... Damn sedap!

Picture of the day up next....

#14. TADAA!!!

Tong tong was so excited cause she got free instant noodles.

Let's have an all girls outing again in our second year girls! =)


Anonymous said...

sorry late...but i think i like this most...haha
thanks for your promotion....