Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dear friends & readers,

I've moved my blog to wordpress at

I've always thought of moving cause there are certain features in wordpress that are not featured in blogger. Not that I'm a pro blogger but I sort of prefer wordpress, for now.

So, I'll be updating at wordpress. =)

See you guys there!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 'I-dunno-what-title-to put' Post

I am back from the camp.

It wasn't as bad as I had expected I would say.
Thought we'll be going outdoors and the camp would involve some really physical trainings but it was done in the college itself, so nope, no tigers.

Nevertheless, a lot of critical thinking was involved and they were constantly playing mind games with us. Lack of sleep and tasks to be done with only one night given was a little stressful but my fellow groupmates were all still laughing, sharing jokes, so yeah, we had fun in between as well. =)

I got selected but the perkampungan only starts next Friday, so I'm home now. Will make full use of my break;gonna sleep, sleep and sleep then squeeze yumcha sessions in between.

Actually, I wrote this to say this out. I'm hesitating as this is quite personal and I don't feel like disclosing any names yet. Everything is still uncertain so no point pouring all the details here. Many would say then, no point posting it up. I'm like hinting but not tellling. Like it or not, this is my blog and I have the rights to write anything here. I won't just write something for the sake of inviting more readers to this dead blog of mine.

It is about a guy. Yes, I've been mentioning him just a little in my posts before this.

Anyway, I only told some of my really close friends this person's identity not because those whom I didn't tell are not my preferred friends, it is just that like I mentioned, no point telling something uncertain. I myself am not sure if I really like this guy. I don't think I know him enough as we rarely talk. Anyhow, those few times we spoke make me feel really comfortable and nice. And I'm always looking forward to talk to him again.

Thing is, this kind of good feeling will usually just go off after some time but this time, though I was sort of stressed out and occupied when I was in the camp, I constantly think of him. Getting short messages or just news about him from another friend makes me smile. Yes, this is very mushy, I know.

Problem is, friends who know about this don't think it is a good idea. Me and my good feeling I mean. They have their logic and reasons for this. I'm just not the type of girl that a guy would fall for once they know me. I've never been labelled as attractive or anything close to that. I'm not being humble or harsh on myself, these are facts. I don't smile to strangers or friends I don't really know and talking to them would take some time. I won't even bother greeting people I don't like while some would take the courtesy to be nice and smile, at least. I'm just...mean. Yes, mean is the right word.

And this guy is, from what most of us know, someone who takes looks pretty seriously. Shallow, I know but who doesn't judge one from their looks? It's just that some that are not so attractive turns out to be really nice people, so they become pretty to you after some time. I know this is getting confusing but wth, I hope you guys get it lah.

This is why I wrote this post. I feel...wrong. Like I insist on jumping into the water, just because I like doing that though my dear ones keep telling me how dangerous it is and I would hurt myself when I fall. I don't know what to do.

To take the safe route and never know what might just happen.

Or to go against the norm and take chances.

I don't know.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Will be back

This is a scheduled post.
Going to be away for PM (not Prime Minister, wtf) camp from 6th till 8th May.
Then on the 8th I will know if I am chosen. If I am chosen, I won’t be around till the next semester break. Hopefully I’ll get to sneak out every once in a while, so that I’ll get to see the BFFs. Hehe.

So, do wish me luck, don’t get lost in the forest, don’t drop into the mud, don’t get eaten by tigers (Haha, just kidding, no tigers lahh). And don’t miss me too much! Will update again as soon as I find the time. =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Family Outing

Yesterday I went and visit my grand aunty and her family, who’s currently at Sentul East.

Also got to meet my dear lil’ cousin sister, Qii Qii (pronounced as Kay Kay). It’s been a while since I last saw this little darling. =) She is quite a distant relative when you draw the family hierarchy thing out but she is more like a sister to me cause her grand mother and mother stayed with my family for almost 15 years. Her grand mother was my nanny.

This little girl’s got attitude, I tell you! Haha. When I take my phone out and tell her to smile, she’ll give me that “What? Go away! Don’t disturb me” look. Either that or she’ll purposely jump and move around so that I won’t get to take her picture. -.- Testing my k550i capabilities. Ish.
#1. Blur

#2. Blur again -.-
#3. Slightly better cause her maid was tying her hair
#4. Quite a dark one but at least not that blur.
She damn cute right?? =)
Then Fei and I accompanied her to Gymboree.

#5. Giving me the beh song face


#7. "Kay, Kay, smile, smile..."

#8. Finally got it!

#9. Qii Qii with Kao Biew Yee going in Bangsar Village

#10. Bangsar Village

#11. Qii Qii at Gymboree

#12. Qii doing some art work

#13. Adults gotta wear socks into the place

Then we went Dim Sum for dinner nearby Kao Biew Yee's new house.


Only took pictures towards the end of dinner cause I was starving, no time to take pictures of the food. =)

Unfortunately, the day ended with tears cause my aunt sort of scolded Qii Qii for playing with the food leftovers.

#15. Even when she's crying she looks so adorable!!

Upon seeing this picture, she cried even louder. Haha!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I want to...

I want to know how was LeeHom's concert.

I want to go shopping.

I want to go to the cinema.

I want to go clubbing.

I want to know how is he doing. *ahem* XD

I want to know how are Timon and Pumbaa in Penang. You guys having fun?

I want to know where are we going for the PM camp.

I want to know why I can't sleep any earlier than 4 in the morning.

I want to know why all guys like to sweet talk and give wrong signals to girls. Idiots.

I want to know if there's anyone out there with answers to any of my questions.

Friday, May 1, 2009

All Girls Night Out

The girls and I went out for dinner at
Pasta Zan Mai, Mid Valley last night. We planned on going clubbing
after that but unfortunately, due to some problems, we ended up with dinner only.

#1. Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley

And, the pretty single ladies are…

#2. Candidate No. 1
Elensha Foong Ern Hang
She seeks for guys with great inner and outer beauty, just like herself! =)

#3. Candidate No. 2

Leong Hung Tong
She only wants guys that resembles Edward Cullen or DBSK, very realistic... XD

#4. Candidate No.3

Law Choon Roei
Prefers someone who's tall, dark and handsome. Speaks Mandrin, too!

#5. Candidate No. 4
Kong Po Lian
Would want someone nice and takes
studies seriously.

#6. Candidate No.5

Louise Lai
She's still available when in KL, would want someone
who doesn't mind getting bullied by her

#7. Yours truly
Hahaha.. Not going to promote myself here. I shy lahh... XD

Okay, fine. I made up all the requirements myself lah..
Most are not true, I believe but some might be accurate,
from what I learn from them. Hehe.

Oh, there’s one more. But she’s no longer available.

#8. Mandy Au

She’s the one of the lucky girls in college, in fact I can say she’s the luckiest cause she’s attached to one of the good-looking *ahem* seniors in college. And he has a car too!!!

Random pictures ahead…

#9. Heavy traffic on Federal Highway
#10. CC Queen and I

#11. Elen & Jess Cullen

#12. Room mates digging into good food

#13. My Unagi Rice Set... Damn sedap!

Picture of the day up next....

#14. TADAA!!!

Tong tong was so excited cause she got free instant noodles.

Let's have an all girls outing again in our second year girls! =)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changed Person

This post is seriously random and unplanned. As usual, I spent the whole day surfing the net and since it is the third day, I am seriously getting sick of the Internet.

Just now, the BFF from Penang sent me an MMS. After some configuration thing-y, my phone can now retrieve MMS-es!!!

But, that is not the reason why I blogged. Thing is, Loi sent me this...
I am officially a, what they call, Buta IT.

I have no idea why that picture turns out terbalik. I tried rotating, editing over and over again but it still ends up like this.

Turns your heads around or turn your screens 180 degrees or simply edit it yourself lahh.


He told me he was going to dye his hair earlier, red somemore and I kept telling him not to do it.

Thank God it is not as bad as I thought. But according to him it’s because he’s in indoors that’s why it is not that bright.

His hair is one thing. I am sort of freaking out because of his pose also, wtf wtf wtf.

Since when you learn to take such pictures, Heng?!?!?!

With someone else’s phone some more!!
Labuan changed my BFF. *sobs* Give him back!!! XD
Can't wait for you guys to be back so I can make fun of Heng. =)